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Welcome to Redemption Rescue

Redemption Rescue is a Faith based rescue that was founded in 2012 to save German Shepherd Dogs from high kill shelters, abuse, neglect and abandonment and is dedicated to rescue, rehab and re home this noblest of breeds

Based in Fairfield CT, a bouquet rescue that is 100% volunteer organization, committed to rescuing displaced, neglected or unwanted GSD from death-row at high-kill shelters and unfit homes across the country: rehabilitating them with proper medical care, nutritional, behavioral and socialization, to enable them to thrive and re home them into responsible, safe and caring homes, where they’ll be loved family members.

What makes us unique is that we often take requests for GSDs with specific traits and characteristics and scour the country looking for the perfect dogs to match our adopters wishes.  The sad fact is with 10,000's of GSDs needing rescue on a daily basis, it is possible to find your dream dog waiting to be rescued in a shelter.

Our Passions

Rescuing & matching our German Shepherds with their perfect family

Working cooperatively with like minded quality rescues to maximize the number of dogs  brought in to rescue and placed in to loving forever homes.

Sharing our expertise with partnering rescues assisting with the logistics  of pulling, vetting, boarding transporting and fundraising efforts to enable them to facilitate the rescue  and re homing of remotely located dogs  

To actively participate in community outreach events, dog training and education and promotion of responsible pet ownership and pet population control.

To spearhead the use of rescue dogs and retired military war dogs in programs designed to provide individuals in need of Service or Therapy dogs. Whether children with Autism, cancer victims, former military veterans or victims of traumatic circumstances that result in Post-Traumatic Stress, no dogs are better suited to provide compassionate support then a rescue dog.